LSS: Looking for Halloween inspiration

Long before the wedding invitation arrived, I knew the event would not
be “just another wedding.”
For one thing, it’s in Vermont, “in the nation’s oldest marble
quarry,” my friend explained. For another thing, the happy couple took
their engagement photographs in a graveyard. There’s a handmade voodoo
doll carefully stitched to the front of the invitation, complete with
a safety pin to the heart. The event, set for Halloween day will end
with a costume party/wedding reception.
Like I said, it should be interesting.
With all the effort going into its planning – and the costume my
friend is making and wearing to his wedding reception, I realized the
time had come for me to figure out what Halloween costume I would be
According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend more on
Halloween preparations than any holiday except Christmas. The NRF
estimated Americans spent $5.77 billion on Halloween last year, adding
that the average person spent about $65 for their Halloween-related
Clearly, they didn’t speak with my mother. I’m certain her plans would
have brought the average down. She didn’t believe in going all out for
Halloween. Most years, I went dressed as hobo, and we never doled out
the fancy treats from our front door.
However, this year, I have to break with tradition and do something
different. I have to figure out a costume to wear for this grand
I asked friends for their suggestions.
My friend and local attorney, Matt Jones, had some clever ideas.
“You could go as the Health Care bill. That seems to scare lots of
people,” he wrote. “Or the swine flu? (I am thinking of a pig with a
stovepipe.) A toxic mortgage? The man in the moon with a Nasa rocket
sticking out of his head?”
Other friends had scary ideas for costumes, as well.
One friend suggested Octomom.
My husband suggested going as our 401K balance.
Another friend suggested attending the reception “as the ex-wife no
one knew about.”
The ex-wife costume would be a surprise for all involved. Chances are
I’ll do something subtle, but comfortable. I’m open to ideas, but know
that something subtle will work best. I can’t imagine surviving the
evening in some of the outrageous costumes I’ve seen others shed
incrementally as Halloween parties creep into the night.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my husband and children will be all
about Halloween. I hate to miss my girls on their big day – though
technically, I’m thinking that at 12, Greer won’t be trick-or-treating
too much. (However, she does have her first ever school dance and
costume contest to prepare for. Thankfully, I’ll be here for that
Our neighborhood is inspiration for anyone contemplating Halloween.
Several neighbors have full-scale crime scenes in their front yards –
like the set of CSI, with skeletons and bodies galore. Other neighbors
have giant blow-up pumpkins, complete with floating Halloween-inspired
These days, the “good candy” houses are easy to spot.

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