Just curious…

Reading patterns…

Since I typically only post on this site on Sundays, there’s usually a predictable pattern to the number of hits. Lately, the pattern has changed some, with more hits coming from outside the South than before. I’m wondering what has sparked the new readers. If you’re inclined, send me an e-mail as to how you heard about this site — new or old. I’ve never done much of anything to promote the site and the traffic would be considered somewhat dismal by most, but I’d love to hear from you at any rate!

(Random fact of the week): Last week I sort of broke up a fight at the school where I teach and now the students don’t mess with me no mo. (It’s not my general inclination to break up fights, but I really thought they might seriously injure a student. So, I stepped in.)

All the best.

\\jan risher

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