explanation of last post…

Most of you know I left full-time journalism about six months ago. Since then, my husband got laid off from his job of 34 years with Gannett (in early September). In the meantime, I’m working at Barnes and Noble. There’s much I’ve wanted to write about, especially since Julio lost his job in early September, that I haven’t been sure the newspaper would want to publish. My column/husband situation — a teeny bit complicated. At any rate, starting today, I’m going to try to write daily episodes of what it’s like for your family’s bread winner to lose his job at the onset of a recession. And then, the trying to figure out what to do from there. It may or may not be interesting, but I’ve decided it’s time I write about it rather than continue to dance around it. Today’s introduction is done. Tomorrow we’ll start getting to the meat and potatoes of the matter.

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