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Hunger Games movie review

My 14-year-old daughter and I went to see The Hunger Games at midnight last night. In full disclosure, I had to stop reading the book (even though my daughter loved it and begged me to read it). However, I just couldn’t handle the violence. In that sense, I am not the most objective movie reviewer.
The movie did its job in making the viewers care. I was as into the story as I have been in a movie in a long, long time. Its moviemakers were very clear on its target audience. Even the cinematography was aimed at teens and not something many adults will find easy to take. In fact, I had to shut my eyes sometimes and stop watching for a few seconds just because of the “running” action or additional movement of the cameras (think Blair Witch Project).
As much as I cared about what happened and was rooting for the dynamic duo from District 12, I had to shut my eyes in other parts of the film as well. It was just too bloody and violent. Kids killing kids is hard to take — and this was up close and personal.
Even as someone who didn’t finish reading the book, I could tell that many of the relationships in the movie had been barely developed, as compared to their literary counterpoint, but still, you got the message.
Loved the Lenny Kravitz character, even though his character was not developed at all.
Woody Harrelson’s character, on the other hand, was richer and built-up more.
All in all, the movie kept my attention and made me care, but its subject matter was so graphic that I am still troubled that this is what the current craze among teens, my daughter being one of them. My 10-year-old had begged to see it. She will not be seeing it for a while.