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How to plan a Quinceanera…

Planning a Quinceanera took more time and energy than my daughter or I expected! There is more to it than meets the eye. While it’s still fresh in our heads, we decided to share our newfound knowledge and advice with others.

On the girl’s 14th birthday, start considering possibilities for the Quinceanera. Where? When? How much? If you come up with a budget, know right here and now that the actual event will double or triple whatever budget you initially set. So, plan accordingly.

I recommend setting the official date and time of the Quinceanera from ten to 12 months in advance. To do so, you should meet with your priest and church.

Spend the next month or two researching, looking at photographs and deciding how formal or informal you want your event to be and where the party will be. About eight months before the event, start the official dress search. Try to have it picked out within that month. It set the tone for much of the rest of the event.

As much fun as it is to think about the party, start thinking also about the Mass. It’s a bigger deal than you realize at this point. I highly encourage your daughter to include the Candle Ceremony in the Mass. It’s a simple, but very moving piece of the program. She invites 15 people who she would like to thank for their presence in her life to light a candle. During the Mass, she will call each by name and say a few words of thanks, specifically explaining the positive difference each has made in her life.

It is also time to think about the court. We went with seven girls and eight boys. Our court started practicing their waltz about five months before the event. While they didn’t practice every single week, they practiced most weeks up until the event. Ours was a fairly complicated waltz that came off without a hitch. If you don’t know a good choreographer, consider asking someone in a nearby university’s dance program or a local dance studio.

Start working on the dama’s dresses. They take much more time than you’ll realize.

We’ll continue more later…about the Mass and the fiesta.